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Gushcloud Entertainment Group enters into the events and IP space, produces the second installment of Open Circles, a retreat for the world’s brightest leaders

29th May 2019 - Gushcloud Entertainment Group, the brand-builder

unit of Gushcloud International, has entered into the events and intellectual property space. Alongside VC Firms Kollective Ventures and Redbadge Pacific, Gushcloud Entertainment Group is producing the second installment of Open Circles, an invite-only modern retreat in Bali, Indonesia that aims to build a global community of next generation founders and thought leaders, and desires to connect Asian leaders to the world and vice versa more effectively.


This year, Open Circles has the honor of bringing in A-list entrepreneurs and activists across the globe like Alicia Silverstone (Celebrity & Co-creator of Organic Vitamin Brand, mykind Organics) , Melissa Irene (Youngest-Ever Partner at East Ventures) , Randy Jackson (Entrepreneur & Television Personality) , Rebecca Eu (Eu Yan Sang Scion and founder, Love, Mei) , and Marc Weinstein ( Fyre Festival Ex-Producer, Entrepreneur, Venture Capitalist, Start-up Advisor ) to lead talks and discussions related to business, arts, youth education, and social impact.

The 4D3N retreat will contain a main 5-star Living Campus, COMO Uma Canggu, where attendees will be housed at, and a main Learning Campus which will have activities starting from 8am to midnight daily. The Campus will feature leadership workshops, interactive dialogue, and activities that build healthier lifestyle habits for high-paced entrepreneurial lifestyles. There will be all-day massages and wellness activities like Yoga and meditation led by top wellness gurus. Attendees can also expect more than three activities happening simultaneously every hour. Attendees will be able to choose the Open Circles “journey” they have curated for themselves based on their learning interests.

“This year’s theme is ‘Connecting the world to Asia’s brightest leaders.’ We are in a time of explosive interest in Asia. Hence, we were motivated to bring top Asian leaders in various fields together, and connect them to leaders in the west. This allows us to create a more connected community of global leaders for collaboration," says Ho Kheng Lian, Co-Founder of Open Circles.


“To collaborate well and make positive change, we care about developing better leaders and for them to take positive action. Hence, through our experiences, we also provide our community with various skills to be a better leader and expose them to deeper learning of current issues, thereby bringing awareness to important causes for our community to make positive change. Through our Think Tank last year, both investments into innovative technology and donations to social impact causes have happened amongst community members,” Ho continues.

With such a spectacular line-up, Open Circles prides itself in its carefully curated community and interested parties have to go through a strict interview with the community curators before they are allowed to buy tickets. Community members are venture capitalists, family offices, visionary entrepreneurs, creative pioneers, and key opinion leaders. Only 100 new members are accepted across the globe each year.

“Gushcloud Entertainment Group’s mission is to co-build businesses that are positive and innovative. Through Open Circles, we are able not only to bring together global leaders, but also to create positive change in line with the values we stand for. I am confident that the seeds of positivity we plant with Open Circles today will grow into a better, more progressive, and positive tomorrow,” says Ms Joanne Liew, Head of Gushcloud Entertainment Group.

Open Circles will happen on 20th June 2019 to 23rd June 2019 in Canggu, Bali, Indonesia. Parties interested to join the community may visit

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