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what we design

We create thought provoking environments and experiences to inspire our global community. We bring together thought leaders, groundbreakers and industry experts from around the world to ignite social impact, economic growth and personal discovery.


Our thoughtfully curated experiences and events are designed to inspire new ideas, and create shared experiences to forge relationships that bring solutions to life. We expose attendees to diverse spheres of knowledge, colourful conversations and moving moments. Relationships and effective collaborations are forged. New ideas, opportunities and solutions arise. We Open our collective Circles to bring the East and West together, and our journeys closer to one another.


Driven by the importance of our mission to create economic and social impact to solve global problems, we believe it is vital to build and maintain an engaged community. With regular gatherings and experiences that inspire thoughtfulness, creativity and a sense of personal adventure, we catalyze change.


At Open Circles everything happens outside the conference room. Our Learning Program™ includes dignitary speakers, live performances and installations, dinner soirees and culinary experiences, focused meetups, mindfulness and wellness activities, and curriculum relevant to today’s issues.

Our community is made up of members from more than 35 countries to cultivate cultural understanding and effective collaborations in our increasingly global world.

OC 2018

This October, Open Circles will host our inaugural event in Canggu, Bali, bringing together 500 multidisciplinary business leaders and industry experts from around the world. It’s the first of its kind, East-meets-West experience to focus on developing thoughtful solutions and inspiring action around global issues and industry challenges.

Over the four-day event, diverse programming will include dynamic conversations with industry experts, curated dining experiences and immersive activities—all the while surrounded by the natural beauty of Bali.

Through the exclusive Open Circles Learning Program™, a hand-selected community of top international business leaders will facilitate mentorships, business development introductions, fundraising advice and capital investment.


Our collection of intimate dinners around the world is designed exclusively for Open Circle’s core community. Join us for special curated evenings of thought-provoking conversations and great food with a dynamic group of thought leaders from across the globe. Cities include NYC, LA, Hong Kong, Singapore and Jakarta.

New York City

Los Angeles

Hong Kong



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